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Hi I am Nick I used to make indie horror films I did it for around 15 years and recently made the switch to Game Dev and I have been converting a lot of my old films into FMV Games check out my other titles.

This weekend I set myself a challenge to make a Game in 24 hours and to make a youtube video covering myself making the game.

So I decided I wanted to make a game in the vein of the FMV games from the Mega Cd / Sega CD days in particular my favourite game of the era Night Trap.

Using a film I put out back in 2010 “Brutal Jesus and the house of wasted youth” a horror exploitation movie about a Christ Like figure killing a drugged up gang in a house lent itself quite well to a Night Trap style game.

For something that was thrown together in 24 hours its quite fun and will deliver a 30 to 40 minute play through with multiple endings.

Click the choices at the end of each scene to select the room you want to go to and kill the next victim you can also use the pray button for hints on your next kill, leave no survivors.

The game still needs some work the scanlines are to heavy on the video and I am not happy with the quality and the speed of the selection menus sometimes these lag if you skip a scene.

Theres a lot more to be done to this before I can give it a posh release but for now here it is 100% free for you to enjoy.

Please check out my other titles here on Itch.io my latest is Flesh Eating Geriatric Internet Predator which is particularly bonkers and Sinister Vibrations which was banned from Steam.

I put out games monthly on Itch and Steam please consider joining my Patreon for monthly keys and exclusive games only available to Patreon members as they feature Live Action Violence, Nudity, and Sex sometimes.

Twitter: @NickFmvDev

 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/letsgotothegrindhouse 

Itch.io: https://lets-go-to-the-grindhouse.itch.io/ 

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/38977034 

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/letsgotothegrindhouse


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I had a ton of fun with this. I’m rather impressed that you pulled this off in twenty-four hours. While you might’ve already had the footage on you, so much can still go wrong, so good work. The very different subject matter changes up the formula for this kind of game. It wasn’t until I saw a flashback that I realized the motivation and, I’m pretty sure most of us can relate. Without spoiling anything, haven’t we all been there? I also liked the way you implemented the hint system through prayer. It was something I kind of just stumbled upon and I like the fact that it wasn’t entirely clear, which encouraged me to experiment. My only criticisms are those you’re already aware of, like some of the laggy spots. 

Oh, and one more thing: How many endings are there? 

Super cool game, man! 


Thanks man i left you a comment on YT earlier i loved your playthrough. Yes the main issues are the laggy select screens thats an easy fix and the length of some of the scenes. i just followed you on twitter i'll DM you some Steam keys of my other games i think you will dig my latest Flesh Eating Geriatric Internet Predator. Thanks again also check out another free game i have on here Sinister Vibrations that one is banned from steam 


O yes only 2 Endings

I did receive an approval key from you on Keymailer for Flesh Eating Geriatric Internet Predator. Very much appreciated! I'm soon ready to start. About how long is the game?


there's 2 endings and sometimes you get sent back a few scenes but I've updated to allow repeat scenes to be skipped an average playthrough was taking about 30mins but I reckon now you can probably do 15 to 20 mins runs 

Gotta say thanks for posting this game. However I wouldn't call this a horror game. A Thriller yea but there isn't much in it that is scary. Still I LOVE FMV games I want to see more by you peeps please keep it up. 

thanks for playing loved the video Genre wise I'd personally class it as Exploitation as it's inspired by those tgoes of films and they fit into both thriller and horror genres take Giallo movies for instance they are Def thrillers for the most part but Horror fans love them  and they are embraced in the genre Horror dosent always have to be scary this does have some shocking moments in though. But yeah a person who may or may not be Christ himself killing a bunch of drugged up punks is weird and dark no matter what the genre haha. I really enjoyed your vid and I subbed I also sent you some keys on Steam one for my latest game Flesh Eating Geriatric Internet Predator and one for my spooky family friendly game Fiendish Thieves which is kind of home alone meets Frankenstein. Thanks again

That was heckin straaange. Love the concept tho! Very original!! Great job!

Thanks for playing man I really enjoyed your video I'd love for you to play some of my other releases especially my latest let me know the best way to get Keys to you. As for this one I uploaded it and went to bed so wakiNg up to your video was nice and also showed me a few issues with the game when you clicked on the credits at the start it stopped all the intro scenes which obviously cut out the setup of the story I can fix that easily though. Also the drowning scene goes on to long so you missed the actual death so this has been really helpful.

Once again thanks for playing and I'll get you some steam keys