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In November 2020 Sinister Vibrations was Banned Outright from STEAM as they deemed it as Video Pornography, The Game Features NO NUDITY or SEX however it does feature a Vibrator (as a Comedy Device & Weapon) and an implied scene of a Sexual Nature. The Game Has been Streamed and Uploaded many times to Youtube and Twitch and no one has ever had any Negative comeback from it. (Twitch rules state no Sex Toys however no issues have been reported Stream at your own risk)

3 Stories on 3 VHS tapes play the tapes in different orders to navigate through 3 stories that connect with multiple paths and endings.

A young woman attends a mysterious job interview.

An 80s popstar talks about his career.

A strange employment self help tape.

Starring Jade Mason, Julian Seager (Death Race 4, Fisherman's Friends) Shawn C Phillips (Youtuber Coolduder)


  • 3 interconnecting storylines
  • Multiple paths
  • Multiple endings
  • Hidden scenes

Unzip and run the file boy2.exe

A Limited Physical Release of this Game is Now Available Limited to just 10 copies, These Physical Releases are to Help with Dev costs such as Steam Fees Etc and can be ordered here https://gogrindhouse.storenvy.com/

Development log


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can you add the download back??


It will be back soon I have been trying something a little different with it

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wheres the download button

Just purchased the game - now downloading - your fmv game has me very intriuged. :)

It's a quirky one thanks for the support really appreciate it I been following your work for a while, my stuff's certainly not as pretty as yours but if you enjoy weird content you may get a kick out of it. Thanks again

I started to play it and definetly has a unique approach.  I'm really enjoying it especially the musical number.  Still yet to complete it though.  On a side I thought initially it was made in Unity till I went through the game files.  You built the engine from the ground up? I'm truly impressed.

I see you used something called TyranoScript.  I'll have to check this out.

I used Tyranobuilder it's a Visual Novel engine but it's really good for FMV my first few games it's been really good for although you can do a bit more with Unity. I've done 4 projects using it but i am now trying to get my head around Unity as I have a few more ambitious ideas for my next couple of projects.

Oh wow, I should have check your store page - I have lots of downloading to do.  If you need any help with Unity more than happy to help you out?  Send me a tweet/DM at @d15bit and I can add you to discord or something if you like.

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great jobs! good vibes ...think dario argento horror :D

Thanks for Playing and doing a video i appreciate it 

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i like style vhs 80s type horror .... this film vibes demons by dario argento .. 


I love demons and yes this is the type of stuff my films / games  are inspired by lots more to come some even more like that I just dropped a new one yesterday called Fiendish Thieves on here and I released Violent Vicar on steam this week I'll get you a key for it 

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ok :D test fiendsh thieves :D nice meet u  .... and i like deep red ..this best vintage horror

I love The music to Deep Red

Ive just fixed the bug in Fiendish Thieves preventing the 2nd ending so you might want to redownload 

Is that a dildo at 30 minutes? xD

There is.  vibrator in it more than just once hence the title vibrations  it's an integral part of plot not really used sexually though play a bit more and all will be revealed :)


What model is it? oO


wait. what?